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                                         Talents are the greatest wealth of a company.  The life quality of our employee is our important

                   concern. We believe that every employee’s position is an integral part of the operation and that, every bit of your effort working

    at GinkgoPharma is extremely important and should be rewarded fairly.We look forward to enjoy the pleasant working environment and build the

        sense of achievement together with you.  The company will do everything we can to help  everyones development in his/her career. Welcome

                                   to join us.  Email to us at  and we will reply to you ASAP after careful consideration.

  • 2016-04-05Medical Affair Manager:

    Job description:

    1. Lead or participate in the designing and feasibility studies of drug clinical study protocols, and preparation of related information;

    2. Provide medical support for clinical operations;

    3. In charge of clinical trial data analysis, writing and reviewing of clinical reports;

    4. To provide clinical operations, products, personnel training market;

    5. Lead or participate in the medical affair of international cooperation of product development;

    6. Participate in the drafting of other medical materials of the department t.


    1, Master's degree or above in medical / clinical medicine, oversea experience preferred;

    2, More than 5 years in clinical study or relevant working experience, hepatitis C research experience is preferred;

    3, Good planning, communication and coordination skills;

    4, Outgoing, dare to take responsibility, good team organization, capacity-building and leadership skills;

    5, Proficient English reading capability, good at English listening, speaking and writing;

    6, Be able to travel frequently;

  • 2016-04-05R&D project manager

    Job description:
    1, Management of new drug development project;
    2, Drafting and follow-up with drug development program;
    3,Working with collaborating departments, coordinating resources and solving problem in a timely manner;
    4, Drafting and editing drug registration material;
    5,Communication with domestic and oversea registration department

    Job Qualifications:
    1, Master's degree or above in pharmacy, pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacology or toxicology and related areas, with more than two years of drug development experience;
    2, Familiar with domestic and international pharmaceutical management and registration  laws and regulations, experienced in the preparation of drug registration application material;
    3, CET 6 or above, accurate expression of professional writing in English;
    4, Proficient communication skills and executive ability;
    5,Teamwork spirit, proactive, strong sense of responsibility.

  • 2016-04-05Business Manager

    Direct Report to: Business Director
    Education requirement: Bachelor or Master’s degree in biology, medicine, pharmacy or related areas.

    Working Experience: no less than 2 years
    Job description:
    1. Assist Business Director in the companys financing, external contact and other related work;
    2. Apt at word processing: Including drafting materials for company publicity, corporate finance, press release etc;
    Requirements: Decent appearance and manner, good at 1-2 foreign languages.
    Other requirements: overseas experience is a priority
    Salary negotiable.

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